I will train your aim to a professional level in Valorant
with TiTan0s
Game Valorant
Starting at $25.00
Game mode
  • Riot Games
Discord Regions
  • Europe

Vids: https://www.youtube.com/c/TiTan0s

Montage of my students after aim training: https://youtu.be/42XnBO_cN2Y


I will sit down and coach you interactively how to aim better with efficient practice techniques

Basic: Aim Training. No necessary time limit, I will take as long as I can to help you out!

Standard: Basic + Testing your natural precision ability, then giving a sensitivity according to that; helping you give natural aim ability I measure your hand and how your body naturally accumulated to your past mice, I suggest a mouse that will bring out the best of your ability.

Premium: Literally same thing as standard, but this is optional =) I'm most likely just going to thank you for helping me pay my bills

DISCLAIMER: Sessions can be grouped to 4 people at a time. If you wish to solo, please request so upon purchase

Group Sessions are the same as 1 on 1 sessions in quality

---Achievements--- CS:GO: Global Elite, ESEA IM, Main and Advanced; competed against A+'s and G's. Won 2 Online CSGO tournaments. Won undefeated in 2v2 Collegiate Tourney Placed 6th Nationally in the Collegiate CSGO League [Faceit]

Last 5 Reviews of @TiTan0s
perfect and easy
Published 9 months ago
Great Aim Trainer!
Published 9 months ago
It feels like a friend of mine just sit down and talk about gaming with me, giving a very comfortable atmosphere. The group session I participated in has 3 people, yet the seller is very attentive and give everyone of us equal attention. The only trouble I have is communication before the session because of the timezone, but he is still very much understanding, flexible and responsive on answering my question about the session and session's time. Overall, I feel like I learned something new, the seller is extremely knowledgable about the game, would recommend to anyone who is looking to improve on aim and mechanical skill.
Published 9 months ago
Fast responder, looking forward to work with him on my skills
Published 9 months ago
Titan0s help me find a better sensitivity for aiming that help me hit more shots and let me ask anything about the game i will buy again 100%
Published 9 months ago
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Duration: Until the game ends
Specialized Aim Training, proven drills that will improve flicks and have higher aim consistency
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