I will provide in-depth coaching
Game Rocket League
Starting at $5.00
Game mode
  • Rocket League
Discord Regions
  • US East

If you look at your teammate and think that they're the problem, they likely aren't. My job is to teach you basic game sense and mechanics to help you reach the rank you deserve.

This package includes in depth replay analysis, showing you specific paths you should take in rotation, what balls you should go for, spacing in the midfield, etc. There will also be a text file with timestamps of specific mistakes to help you look back and understand after the session.

I've been a verified coach for semi-professional teams in multiple orgs, and I have a good bit of experience under my belt. I have a deep understanding of each rank, so if you're bronze, that won't be a problem.

If you buy my bigger packages they can be an hour or even two hours! My coaching discord server link is: https://discord.gg/hrgMRmd

Availability hours: Monday-Saturday (12pm-2am), Sunday(12pm-10pm) ALL TIMES ARE EST

Book a game
Duration: 30 minutes
1 replay analysis/teaching mechanics
Your timezone is: UTC
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