Rocket League Event - Oct 22, 2020
with Joejon
Game Rocket League
Join mode Free to apply
Game mode
  • Rocket League
Team size 4 players
# Appliers 1 appliers
Discord Regions
  • Europe
This event is organised and sponsored by PlayWith Logo

Get a chance to play with @joejon

🏎 Rocket League PRO 1800+ (peak 1900)

🏆 Grand Champion Season 3-14

🥇 TOP 24 EU Rocket League Rival Series out of 40.000 teams

Winner of eu4glory tournaments and usually TOP 5 of the results

Description of the session

3 players will be randomly 🤞 picked from among the appliers and will be able to participate in this game session. This session is just for fun

How to apply
  1. Sign up on PlayWith.GG: here
  2. Apply to this game session, it's free
  3. Follow
  4. Chill 😎 and wait for the announcement

🎉 On 22 of Oct 2020 the winners will be announced in a stream and notified

❗ It's important to follow all the steps

Awaiting players
Created 7 months ago
Duration Until the game ends
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Game Host
Apply and get a chance to take this seat
Apply and get a chance to take this seat
Apply and get a chance to take this seat
Appliers - 1

When the game starts, players will be randomly chosen from among the appliers

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