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Game League of Legends
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I mostly main Mid, Support, and sometimes I jungle. I'm awful at ADC and top lane and mostly play for fun. I'm terrible at farming and laning, but I'm great at working with people in a teamfight. You want that penta kill? You bet your ass I'm tower diving and dying for you. First and foremost, I focus on having fun with friends or the people I play with. Stupid champions in stupid lanes, I just enjoy chilling out and having fun with memes. If you don't care for losing or winning, and you just want to laugh at my stupidity. Be my guest!

If you Must buy a game, I'll play for as long as need be. Pricing will be at the lowest available, for as long as I'm able to commit my time to the game. If you'd like anything more specific please let me know!

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Consider it a freebie game! With this package the first game is free, then if you decide you wish to play more, It'll be 2 games Per 1 Dollar.
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