Fortnite Duo Tournament - 100$ - #1
with PlayWithGG
Game Fortnite
Join mode Free to enter
Game mode
Battle Royale
  • Epic Games
Req. Participants 32 players
Prize Pool $100.00
Prize for 1st $40 (PayPal required)
Prize for 2nd $15 (PayPal required) + 2$ of credits
Prize for 3rd $5 (PayPal required) + 2$ of credits
Prize for 4th - 16th $2 of credits on PlayWithGG
Prize for random participant $10 (PayPal required)
How to participate ❓
  1. Sign up on PlayWith.GG
  2. Ensure to have Discord connected here
  3. Click "Participate" button and wait for the start

About the tournament πŸ‘ˆ
  1. When the tournament starts you will get connected with your opponent on Discord
  2. You will need to contact each other and get into the same party
  3. Once both of the duo teams are in the same party, ready up in a squads game.
  4. Whoever gets the most kills wins. Make sure to be seperated for the majority of the game.

Some rules ❗
  1. Do not grief the other player by stealing their kills or making them lose their fights on purpose
  2. Be respectful towards the other player. If there is someone being rude and disrespectful please report him to our Discord team β€œ@PlayWith.GG Moderator”
  3. You must save a screenshot of your final score or stream it on Twitch. This is to provide proof of your final score, and failing to do so might disqualify you for the next round
  4. In order to claim your winnings you must share a post like "I won $X on PlayWithGG"
  5. To participate in the random prize lottery you must share our post on twitter or instagram announcing this tournament

Stream with us πŸ”΅
  1. Stream it on Twitch and we will host your stream, just contact β€œ@PlayWith.GG Support” for more info.
  2. Send us your video and we will upload it to our Twitch, Youtube and feature it on our social media

Sponsors of the tournament πŸ‘

This tournament is organised and sponsored by PlayWithGG

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Created 6 months ago
Starts With 32 participants
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