Professional Fortnite Training Session
by Geckie
Game Fortnite
Starting at $8.00
Game mode
Battle Royale
  • Epic Games
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  • Europe

Hello there! My name is Stefan, also known as Geckie. I've been gaming my whole life — currently a Free Agent fortnite player and an ex-player representing and establishing "Loop Gaming," a professional esports organization. I've been playing fortnite since season 1, always trying to get to the competitive field on which I was, with MANY years of experience in scrims, but I found something else that intrigues me and something that I love doing which is helping other passionate gamers like myself get higher on the food chain on the fortnite skill level. If you need any kind of help I AM YOUR GUY, I can 100% help you with whatever you may need. I have around 500 hours of total coaching time and I am very experienced in making sure you learn a lot, even in 45minutes, or make it a schedule that I can help you get better - weekly/monthly/daily, whatever you need. I used to continuously compete in tournaments, either online or worldwide events with great successes. The first battle royale genre I played was H1Z1 back in 2015 and then moved onto PUBG and of course, naturally moved to fortnite later, which has been my favorite so far. I have over 1000 in-game wins, a 20% win rate, and over 13000 kills. I enjoy coaching; I've been doing it for almost a year now with numerous companies, with delighted students that have greatly improved in-game in aiming, building, and overall decision making. I am overall a very good player and one of the better coaches in the fortnite community including this site.I'm on PC, I can play on any servers except OCE.

I mainly specialize in: -Strategies (Perfecting your drop, loot path, rotating, etc..) -Mechanics (Fixing your builds, edits) -Aiming ( Perfecting your sens, close-range combat, tracking, etc...) -Fighting in different scenarios (Thirdparties, geting sprayed, etc...) -Build fights/box fights -Any overall questions/tips & tricks you may need help with

Reviews: -"Very good teacher he is skilled and knows what he is doing I recommend him he can teacher turtle box techniques and more he will not waste your time." "Extremely nice it was fun playing with him even got to win" "He taught me how to get into boxes and how to make better decisions, as well as how to edit faster, def recommend." "Great Coach! Awesome guy to talk to and one of the best teachers!" "Awesome coach! Showed me some high ground retakes, worked on my sensitivity, how to deal with third parties, played some games, and helped me to explain what I was doing wrong. Helped teach me some moves in different scenarios. I would definitely recommend it!"

If you get a session with me, you could get 400-900 PG points in two steps! This bonus is valid till Feb 15th.

TYPICAL SESSION: In a typical session, we will use any voice platform you would like, and my priority would be to cater to your needs, finding the help you need with the most. We'll start with several 1v1s/box fights to see your current experience in aiming, building, decision making, comp and give you advice on how you can improve throughout the fights, such as what builds you should make, how to position yourself, how to shield yourself and anything you can think of, I'll be here to assist you. After we have finished with the fights, we will start with overall tips on how you can improve and how to refine your decision making in tough situations like box fights, multiple 3rd parties, and being in the wrong position. Once we finished with the creative part, we will head in-game where you will put all the new tricks and skills in-game, getting us a win! If you have questions or anything you want to ask throughout the session, feel free to stop me and ask, I will listen to you carefully and make sure you get the best explanation you were trying to find. I always treat my students with respect and make sure to be friendly and put the student in a relaxed and pleasing space. Keep in mind for every student it may be different depending on what they want to focus on (competitive, building, decision making...etc) I will keep all my students in contact for future questions or help! :)

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Duration: 30 minutes
This pack consists of 30minutes in a creative map where i would be 1v1'ing you and giving you tips throughout the entire game on what you are doing wrong and on what to improve on. I will also be giving you any overall tips and tricks you should know. Box Fights are also included. I will also send you a customized report card with details on what you should do to improve with customized training maps and kovaaks.
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